Tour of the Island of Capri   “Full day Tour”

  • Duration: 6 Hours  
  • Departure:  Marina Grande of Capri, harbor of Sorrento, harbor of Nerano, harbour of Positano, harbor of Massa ( for different harbors to Capri there is an additional fee for gasoline)
  • Meeting Point:   Bar La Vela inside the harbor of Capri 
  • Departure Times : when you want
  • Available on Board : Towels,sunscreen,Ice cube with drinks, Fresh Water shower, snorkeling gear,sunshade
  • Price : Special  contact me now small


The full day tour  around the island is  perfect for the guests who wants to spend a day completely relaxing and enjoing the crystalline waters of Capri, to tan and discover the beauties of Capri. The full day includes a complete tour of the island (I’ll stop the boat in the best bays to live completely Capri sea) During the tour i will show you all the rock formations the caves and famous houses. This tour will truly immerg you in the atmosphere of Capri and I provides more time to explain the secrets of Capri!

” How long is the  Full Day Tour ? “

The Full  day  tour takes six hours and if you start the tour around 2PM. you will enjoy the colors of the sunset and swim in the forbidden places like the blue and green grottoes !

” What you can see with the  full Day Tour ? “

We will sail around the coastline of Capri with our typical wood boats to see inside caves, rock formations, bays and we will stop for swim

The interactive map of the ” Full Day Tour”

 ” My Tours are not only  simple tours around Capri, but also voyages in the history! I’ll talk about legends, mythical figures and famous houses of this magic island. I provide a Map of Capri and all the recommendations and tourist informations  you need  to complete your magic day on the island. I would like to show you the “Genuine” Capri ” from the eyes of real “Caprese”  Camillo Gargiulo – Capristartour


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