Capristartour is “Emotions in the sea of Capri

I am Camillo Gargiulo, the owner of Capristartour, a local company that I run with my brother Giuseppe. We specialize in exciting tours on the beautiful sea of Capri and near Sorrento and the Amalfi coast. We put passion and professionalism into every tour, but always make sure they are personalized

Our Family History

nonno giuseppe Ercolano

During world war 1, my grandfather, Giuseppe Ercolano, enlisted in the italian navy under the command of General Badoglio. For nearly half a century he saided the seas of the world on the military ship “Garibaldi” and then was in the merchant marine. He did all this while winning several awards for bravery.
My father, Giovanni Gargiulo is a man of the sea as well, having sailed many seas of the world, including the Atlantic and Pacific, extensively.


The sea of Capri and the history of this small island is my greatest passion
with me you will discover the legends and secrets of Capri , even if you have short time..

Camillo Gargiulo

Captain Capristartour

The sea of Capri is the history of this small island is my greatest passion

Giuseppe Gargiulo

Captain Capristartour

We will let you discover the myth of the island of Capri even if you have a few hours available

Vagabondo Caprese

Boat typical of Capri

I’m the historic Gozzo” boat typical of Capri Capristartour and can not wait to welcome you on my comfortable cushions where you can admire the beauty of the sea of Capri

welcome capri tour boat

where Capristartour

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